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A noninvasive way to melt away your double chin

Nearly 70 percent of American adults say that they have unwanted fat in the region under their chin. This sagging skin creates a lack of definition in their jawline and elongates their face. But since the FDA approved Kybella® in 2015, we have a method to treat “submental fullness” (commonly known as a double chin).

The active ingredient in Kybella is a synthetic version of deoxycholic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance that helps the body break down and emulsify fat. When it is injected in the area under the chin, it dissolves fat cells in that targeted area. Both the destroyed fat, as well as the deoxycholic acid, are broken down and removed through the body’s natural metabolic and excretion processes. After multiple injection sessions, fullness under the chin is diminished.

As everyone’s profile and jawline is different, the number of treatments needed for transformational results varies for each patient. During your first Kybella consultation, we analyze the amount of submental fat, take pictures and create a customized treatment plan. While you may experience minor bruising and swelling after each session, there is little downtown and minimal risks. In fact, inflammation is a sign that the acid is present in the area and is actively working to eliminate fat. Kybella treatments are administered at least one month apart, and you can receive no more than six sessions.

Furthermore, after an ideal look is achieved, subsequent treatments are typically not necessary: Kybella permanently destroys unwanted fat in the region.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation if you’re interested in a safe and effective option for reducing, contouring and improving the appearance of a double chin.

We would love to share the results of Kybella with you!

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