Cosmetic Laser & Light Therapy

State-of-the-art effective laser and light devices are incorporated in your care for medical and cosmetic benefits, including teen acne.

Laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) treatment uses a precisely focused beam of light to remove or vaporize tissue that is abnormal without harming healthy, normal tissue. We can target pigment, blood vessels or collagen and water for cosmetic benefits. Light devices use visible light to address oil glands, inflammation, acne or precancerous lesions.

We can assist you with:

  • lightening brown spots
  • reducing redness
  • boosting collagen
  • softening acne scars
  • tightening skin

Dr. Heidi Anderson discusses the benefits of fractionated laser treatment, which helps to diminish pigmentation, reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen.

Intense Pulse Light: Photorejuvenation and Redness Reduction


Erases the reds and browns of sun damage or rosacea changes. Pigment (melanin) and blood vessels (hemoglobin) are targeted and in a comfortable manner, energy is delivered which destroys sun spots and the redness of new blood vessels.

Before & After Images for IPL Photo Facials

IPL photo facials target pigment and blood vessels. Energy is delivered which destroys sun spots and the redness of new blood vessels.

Alex TriVantage Laser

The Alex TriVantage Laser is an advanced treatment that helps remove pigmented lesions. This powerful laser targets precise areas of the skin without causing unwanted pigment change in the surrounding tissue. TriVantage can treat a wide range of patient skin types and colors.

V-Beam Perfecta Laser

The V-Beam Perfecta laser is the Cadillac of vascular lasers offering state of the art technology to diffuse redness, capillaries, and vascular lesions. Vascular lasers specifically target “red” color and are routinely used to address small red vessels, capillaries, and vascular lesions. The V-Beam Laser is used to improve:

  • Facial redness/capillaries
  • Rosacea
  • Neck & chest redness
  • Cherry angiomas
  • Red acne scars
  • Red healing surgical scars
  • Healing biopsy or liquid nitrogen sites
  • Bruises following injections

Before & After Images for V-Beam Perfecta Laser

Isolaz for Acne

Make the Best Decision for Your Skin Condition.
Is laser or light therapy right for you?

By understanding acne, Solta has targeted the 3 leading problems:

  • Overproduction of oil glands
  • Clogged pores
  • Bacteria

PhotopneumaticsTM uses broadband light combined with an effective and tolerable vacuum to control pustular and comedonal acne and purify the pore. Patient satisfaction has been impressive since their exposure to oral antibiotics and oral contraceptives has been reduced. Their skin is smoother and often the redness of the inflammatory component is reduced.

Medical Laser Treatments

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